Microsoft Office is a suite of products that allow your business to keep everything filed in a neat and orderly fashion to speed things up. The suite includes MS Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These can be used to serve different purposes like typing letters and envelopes, creating spreadsheets, making labels, and preparing presentations for your home and office. You can easily get the setup from .

Microsoft Office setup is the most common form of software used in today’s world, as it is compatible with Windows and other Operating Systems. Here are some of its best features:

Top 7 Features of MS Office setup to increase your productivity

  1. Real-time co-authoring by different people
  2. Simplified document Sharing with everyone
  3. Share big files with OneDrive
  4. Smart Lookup with new chart types
  5. Integration with Skype
  6. Cross-device support
  7. Group editing of documents

How to install/ setup Microsoft Office on your PC via

(Note: If you have an older version of MS Office on your computer, do not forget to uninstall it before installing the new version.)

  • Enter your Product key.
  • Select the version.
  • Install MS Office applications.
  • If prompted, click the save file button.
  • The installed file will automatically download on your device.
  • Open the file and follow the instructions.

Microsoft Office for business

Released in 1990, Microsoft Office evolved from its simple origins becoming the dominant productive suite on the planet. There is a wide range of different advantages that Microsoft Office brings to the table for business users that one can no longer afford to ignore.

  • The biggest benefit that Microsoft Office showers in for business users is- how it manages the cloud-based world in which we live now. The Office is now accessible from any computer to create and store documents. This allows employees to be just as productive at home or at an airport lounge, or in a coffee shop or at any other place, as they could be if they were sitting in their office.
  • Another benefit of Microsoft Office for business is that it allows its users to take hold on mobile computing. As most of the Smartphone, which millions of people carry along, are proving to be more powerful than the shuttles that sent men to the moon. Microsoft Office lets users create documents on mobile devices as well, from anywhere, with no exceptions and no limits.
  • Businesses can now choose the exact deployment track that fits their needs. Moreover, Microsoft allows them to pay for exactly what they need without spending money on applications they do not use. In short, it provides value for the price.
  • Another massive benefit for Microsoft Office setup business users is its take on safety. All the data that is stored in the cloud is clubbed in one of Microsoft’s own data centers. This extends real-time scanning of messages and documents helps users with things like viruses and malware, as well as other security provisions.
  • The latest versions of Microsoft Office unlock the power of collaboration at the business level offering a wide range of tools that make it easy for multiple employees to work on same files from separate computers at the same time.
  • MS Office also includes calendaring, contacts, online meeting and other functionality designed to make it easier to collaborate with people outside a business environment as well. A business user and his client can remotely collaborate on same files at the same time, making it easier to meet their demands.

MS Office for students

MS Office( gives students personalized learning with affordable technology that saves their time.

  • From reading fundamentals for kids of five to six years up to post-college professional development, the Office provides free skill-building workshops to keep them learning like a professional.
  • One can build, manage, and utilize applications with a comprehensive set of cloud services. Whether you're a student getting started or a student with advanced workloads, Microsoft has got many cloud development resources for you.
  • Students are eligible for Office 365 Education for free, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote as well as additional classroom tools. All you need is a valid school email address to get started today. It is easily accessible by any device, at any place helping students prepare for their future today.
  • MS cloud services create collaborative classrooms that help to connect in professional learning communities connecting you with school staff with the power of Teams, Skype, OneDrive, and more from a single experience of Office 365 education. Students can think critically, and solve their learning issues very easily with MS Office.

Your favorite MS Office tools with new features:

MS Office equips you with the tools that work best for you.

Word- you can get your work done easily with its improved inking functionality, accessibility enhancement, text-to-speech function, and more.

Excel- now it allows better data analyses with 2D maps, funnels charts, and enhancement to PowerPivot and PowerQuery.

PowerPoint- you can become more creative by using an effective content with zoom functionality, improved roaming pencil case, and morph transitions.

Outlook- the new features allow you to manage your email efficiently with a focused inbox than ever, @mentions, updated contact cards and Office 365 Groups.

One thing Microsoft did incredibly right is that it recognizes that users don’t want to give up the things that make them comfortable and improve their work standards.