Check for the standards and know if you are you entitled to use Office 365 free?

Preparing school assignments or a group project in a much creative way can be done easily with Microsoft Office. If you are using Office 2016 or any other version of Office set up for the first time, here is a great deal for students and teachers, you can get it without spending a single penny. Microsoft offers its users to use its trial version for a certain period. However, there are very basic features given in free version of Office setup, so if you want to use advanced attributes to sort your working style, it is recommended to go for a subscribed Office 365 product.

Office 365 free

With Office 2016, students have the freedom to work collectively on the same project and this leads to a more productive outcome. If you are already a subscribed user, you have the access to the features not available for those who have free version of Ms Office 2016 (other versions).

The organization has offered Office 365 Education for free in previous years in different countries around the world. Check if your country lied under those regions and if you can still access the highly developed assets. Regardless of your subscription, there are certain criteria you need to follow in order to use the software.

Eligibility requirements for Office 365 Education

  • Regardless of how much time you access any utility of the Office setup, you need to be an active student at an authorized school, college or university.
  • You need to have an email address issued by your institute
  • User need to be at least of 13 years or old
  • Have access to the stable Internet connection

Now, any adequate student or teacher can get a free Office 365 Education plan, with which they can reach out to unrestricted features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, in addition, you also get the facility to collaborate with others in real-time co-authoring using those programs.

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