How to fix Office 365 error code 30180-4?

Office 365 is a group of subscriptions produced by Microsoft that offers productivity software and relevant services. The Office 365 is compatible for all the Operating systems like Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

Sometimes the users may face some common errors while installing the Office 365. Out of all the error codes faced by the users, the error code 30180-4 is one of the most common errors faced by the user while installing the Office setup because of the anti-virus software, firewall, proxy settings or the connection preventing the user from installing the setup. In the below information, some simple and easy solutions are mentioned that could be used by the users to get rid of this error.

The solutions are as follows:

  1. Use offline installer for installing the Office:

Installing the Office using the Office Offline installer may help the user to avoid all the issues that prevents the user from installing the Office like proxy settings, firewall, antivirus and the internet connection.

  1. Use a wired connection:

It is recommended to use a wired connection of the Internet in order to avoid any un-interruptions in the network connectivity.

  1. Try installation process from other location:

Using the network at work or at school for installing the Office has pre-defined limitations that prevent that would prevent the user to do so. Thus, for installing the setup take the device at another location and connect the device to another network and then try to installation process.

  1. Turn-off the antivirus temporarily:
  • For turning off the antivirus temporarily, access the settings within the control panel.
  • Select Update & Security option, and then select Windows Defender displayed on the left.
  • Slide the button to Off, and don’t forget to turn it On, as it will make the device prone to virus attacks.
  1. Turn-off proxy settings temporarily:

Before beginning with the installation process, try to turn-off the proxy settings in Microsoft Edge as well as in Internet Explorer. By following the below stepwise procedure the user can easily turn-off the proxy settings:

  1. Microsoft Edge:-
    1. Click Start button >> Settings >> Network & Internet.
    2. Click proxy, at the bottom of the selections on the left side.
    3. Either automatically detect settings or use setup script by sliding to On or Off, in Automatic proxy setup.
    4. In Manual proxy setup, by default, the proxy server is off. Turn it On by sliding it On and click save.
    5. Now try to install the Office setup and then on finishing the process of installation turn-off the proxy settings again.
  2. Internet Explorer:-
    1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools >> Internet options.
    2. After clicking the Connections tab, click the LAN settings button.
    3. Clear the option “Use a Proxy server for your LAN” displayed under the proxy server.
    4. Click Apply >> OK in order to save the changes.
    5. Restart the computer.

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