Google Drive Permits Commenting on MS Office Files

With a number of technological updates, it is no m ore difficult to convert MS office files into G suite documents, slides or sheets. This simply means you and your clients or the teammates can work together through Google Drive. Google has brought in a new feature with the help of which you can freely comment straight on the MS office files, images, and PDFs that you upload on the Drive.

All you need to do is highlight that particular section you want to comment on it the Preview mode. This is exactly similar as you do on a G Suite file. After the selection, you can click the Comment icon that pops up and enter whatever you want to say. Another great thing about this update is that your collaborators (whom you are working together on a single file or project) don’t even need to have Drive installed on their device.

They can simply open that document or any other file on the MS word installed on their device and can see the comments you made on it. Not just this, they can even respond to those comments. Google, the biggest American multinational company says that the feature is an example of “Interoperability between the Microsoft Office products and the G Suite” of the company. Apart from the commenting feature, the users can also make the use of a Drive plug-in for Outlook with the help of which it will become quite easy to attach the files from the cloud storage to directly to your email. The vice-versa is also possible.

With this update, Google has tried to lighten the workload for the users a bit. You can work on the non-G Suite files within the drive, hassle-freely. Even you don’t have to open any other program if you only want to go through a file (or don’t want to make changes to it) and add your feedback to it. After reviewing the document, you can quickly move back to the main task at hand. If you want to give this feature a try, simply open one of your Office files and the feature will make its path to your Drive.

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