Microsoft introduced SharePoint Hub Sites feature to Office Setup 365

Yesterday, Microsoft had made an announcement that the company is going to add the feature of SharePoint Hub Sites to its Office Setup 365  productivity suite by the end of the March month. The feature of Hub Sites will allow the organizations to integrate all its Team sites and the communication sites to the common centralized interface.

The first release of the Office Setup 365 having the feature of SharePoint Hub Sites, known as the test release will be made available to its “targeted release” subscribers so that they may test the new release. And the company will complete its “worldwide rollout” of Hub Sites by the starting of the May month.

One of the premier engineers of Microsoft told through his posts that the first Hub Sites rollout will begin its rollout by the date of 21st March and it will be covering almost the 10% of the tenants of the targeted release. He also told that only the end users of the Office 365 Setup will be affected by the Hub Sites and thus, described this feature as an optional feature.

The feature of Hub Sites will be made available only to the subscribers of the Office Setup 365 who have subscribed its cloud services by using the SharePoint as online product. MVPs Roger Haueter and Vlad Catrinesu of Microsoft had theorized that the company would not offer the feature of Hub Sites for 2019 version of the SharePoint Server. In yesterday’s announcement, Microsoft described the coming up of the SharePoint Hub Sites for the users of Office Setup 365 only.

According to the earlier indications given by Microsoft, indicated that the Hub Sites will not be regarded as the replacement of the existing Publishing Sites portal of the organization but it will bring the news, activities and the search to a single sharing portal.

These Hub Sites will be set up by the IT professional and they will be the only administrators of the SharePoint Hub Sites. To make as ease, all the organizations could convert their existing Communication Sites into the Hub Site by using the command as shown below:

“Register-SPOHubSite PowerShell cmdlet”

Apart from converting the existing Communication Sites into the Hub Sites, the organizations could also create a new Hub Site by using the same command only. And only the IT professionals could specify which end users will have the permissions of adding the Team Sites and the Communication Sites to the Hub Sites Portal by setting up the security groups for the SharePoint site owners. These security groups will be set up by using the PowerShell.

Even Microsoft claimed that the governance enabled by the Hub Sites will be of extremely good quality. For example, the organizations could change their Hub Site from one site to another without causing any disruption to the user experience. However, this new release will act as one of the new scoped search i.e. all the search process will be bounded within the single sites converted to the Hub Sites by the organizations.

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