Microsoft Email and Office 365 is Back Now!

Microsoft Email and Office 365 are back on track for the users who were left without email on 6th April 2018. This global outage affected almost all the customers in the Asia-Pacific and Europe. The email account holders attempting to access and send the emails were informed with a message that “Service is temporarily unavailable. Kindly retry later”.


This issue mainly affected Microsoft Email and Office 365 customers in The United Kingdom. Louis Clarke posted a message on Down Detector complaining “UK based- no emails received or able to send for 14 hours now”. Another big impact of this error was on the Office 365 users in the United States. After the hit, BJP posted (along with mentioning the locations of multiple states) on Down Detector “Office 365 users in my Org are reporting no external emails incoming and unable to login to Skype”.

The error made the users unable to access the email marketing messages via Office 365 in many countries. Microsoft, the big tech giant has also confirmed the email and other services’ global outage by tweeting:

“Hi, today we are investigating reports of our privileged customers facing issues with signing in to their Microsoft Account or Office 365. Our Network Operation Center Engineers are currently working to fix this out. More details will be provided shortly.”

After some time, the company reported “We have finished all the recovery steps associated to MO133518 and this problem is completely fixed as of Friday, April 6, 2018 at 11:30 AM UTC; thanks to everyone who verified service restoration.”

One user posted on Down Detector, “It is quite interesting that if you attempt to sign in to Office 365 through Microsoft authentication, it will not work out. But you can login hassle-freely by having SSO enabled”.

Like the email and Office 365, Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory were also inaccessible for the Office 365 users worldwide. This directory has also been stored now! The global outage that has affected millions of Office 365 users has given this ironic comment from The Register. The timing of this incident caused by the company is unfortunate.

After providing the resolution, the company announced that it is providing advanced protection capabilities to Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal users. These security features will include”

  • Recovery of your important files after they have attacked by viruses such as Ransomware
  • Advanced tools to keep your data secure

Endpoint protection from all kinds of online threats

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