Telstra joined hands with Microsoft for Office 365 Setup Calling

Telstra, one of the telecommunications carriers of Australia has shaken its hand with the Microsoft through its Office 365 setup so as to provide the Telstra calling services to its users. This calling service will be conducting over the cloud of the Microsoft i.e. it will be known as the cloud-based calling services.

This calling services will be available to the Australian Telstra Business Customers by the mid of the year 2018 and will be offered the calling plans from Skype for Business as well as Microsoft team.

Even the Michelle Bendschneider, Telstra ED of the Global Products appreciated the integration of Telstra and Microsoft through his words. He said that the company is looking for all possible ways so as to connect its users by using much easier techniques. Thus, the addition of Telstra calling services to the Microsoft Office products has given a big boost to the cloud productivity and collaboration apps (like video conferencing and meeting broadcast capabilities) of the Office 365 setup.

According to the survey of the last six months, more than 200 users had been taking the part in the pilot of the services. Apart from them, approx. 30 users of Telstra had adopted the earlier adopter program for making the voice calls over the cloud. Therefore, through this survey both the companies had noticed a great interest of its users in this integrated product.

Even Jaen Snyman, manager of the Cloud Design and Integration at Empired National Business appreciated this integrated solution. He said that this new integrated product of Telstra and Microsoft had given a great value to its customers and thus, allowing them to move their telephony and unified communications over the cloud by using the same platform.

In the month of December 2017, Microsoft decided to add the feature of advanced calling to the Microsoft team services in order to extend them from Skype for Business. The Tech Community of Microsoft also told through their blogs that the company will also offer some new and sophisticated capabilities like calling, full featured dialing, complete call history, hold/ resume, speed dial, multi-call handling, voicemail, text telephone support and many more.

As a result of this announcement by Microsoft Tech team, the company added the new integration and control functionality in the month of January and named it as the biggest single release of new functionality. Apart from these entire features, Telstra also provides the capabilities of transiting the calls from the fixed mobile natively within the Telstra core network in this integrated solution.

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