Microsoft Office 2016 will compel Mac users to Upgrade

Coming up with the new Office productivity suite, Microsoft apparently expects Office 365 users on Mac devices to keep their systems up-to-date. The organization demands its users to access macOS Sierra or a current version to get the access of upcoming attributes launching next month. Subscribers who use macOS Sierra 11.12 or 11.13 will get an updated in September from Office setup 2016 client to Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac. Users who do not use macOS Sierra or its higher version will need it sooner.

office-2016-will compel-mac-users-to-upgrade

The updates will reach those as well who have made the jump to macOS 11.14 Mojave in the same expected time, which is probably the end of September. With the constant modifications in Office 2019, the organization has managed to draw the attention on them and now they have made it a compulsion for Mac users to upgrade.

Will the users receive new offers without upgrading?

Users who are still stuck with the older version of macOS 11.11 El Capitan or previous versions are also being considered under the list of users who need to upgrade. Those who do not update to macOS 10.12 or to the succeeding versions before the update will continue receiving usual maintenance. These owners will apt to continue using their current version of Office setup 365 for Mac, according to the official launch.

What is New in Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac?

Microsoft has introduced its new features to the public, which is expected to come in macOS client of Office 2019. You can check by visiting on and accessing your profile to see. You may need to purchase a subscription in case you are not seeing the update.

Besides the necessity of upgrading, the productivity tool with come with a roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations. Additionally, you will get a focus mode in Word and Excel will show you new charts and functions.

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