Microsoft endeavors to Transform the Automation of Work

In this digital era, people like to keep their data on their fingertips and they can do this only with the help of certain tools and apps. We have known Microsoft since the revolution of computerization took place, as it comprises remarkable features and services. It helped people to grow in the field of automation ever since they entered this technical era. But, there is some data that is still used in a non-digital form such as receipts, handouts, meeting notes, etc. Microsoft has proved to be a boon for many as you can now work more efficiently and effectively.

You heard it right. You can now use your paper-based data in a digital form.

Take a picture of the paper-based data

Microsoft has developed a new feature for people who regularly use Excel to accomplish their work. The “Insert data from Picture” feature is available on Android as well as iOS devices. The feature supports 21 different languages and captures any data in the form of a table. You can produce financial spreadsheets, work plans, programs, and so on and convert it in a digital form. The feature uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, techniques that understand layouts, and various machine learning models to convert analog data.

From handwritten notes to digital texts

Earlier people used to have handwritten notes after the end of a lecture or a meeting. Later, you were able to take the picture of those notes, and now you can convert these notes to digital one with “ink grab” technology in the whiteboard app developed by Microsoft. The handwritten recognition tool is also available in OneNote as well so that you can convert and share your notes.

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Microsoft is on the way to explore more ways to develop this feature in other Office apps so that analog data could be easily converted into a digital form.

Examine the physical world

In addition to this, there are other ways users can operate on Excel to help them analyze data from the real world phenomenon. With the use of “MS Excel Data Streamer add-in,” users can easily move their data from the real world in and out of the Excel sheets in accordance with their needs.

For example, Microsoft introduced “Brain Impact workbook” which uses pressure sensors to measure brain impacts and stream the data in Microsoft Excel. The introduction of data science and IoT (Internet of Things) has helped users across the globe in multiple ways.

Microsoft has used this latest technology for other MS Office apps, which includes “PDF Reflow” feature for MS Word and Office Lens that is a Seeing Artificial Intelligence application. The other project, Microsoft is working its way includes picture scanning, signing, and PDF annotation.


With Microsoft, you will never lag behind in any of your official or unofficial projects. Microsoft is dedicated to discover new techniques in order to build Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning models into the apps used by people on a large scale. Mundane tasks can be converted into useful and productive works with features like these.

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