Office 365 to have AI Capabilities- Said Microsoft!

Microsoft, the renowned tech giants has brought great advancements in its entire suite of productivity apps. The company has infused Office 365 with more AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. These AI goodies, includes Office Insights that will look out Excel data to automatically create pivot tables as well as trend charts along with recognizing business-centric acronyms. It will also make sure you get to your important meetings on time.

Insight in Excel emphasizes patterns in your Excel data in order to make it hassle-free to find out trends and generate visualizations of your data. This helps every individual in the organization to understand what these patterns in the data means. Acronyms can reveal industry-related acronyms that are utilized by an organization by going through the emails, documents and more. This identifies what they are and what the acronyms means using machine learning. To make everyone decipher even the most technical lingo, the AI uses the Microsoft Graph.

The new AI functionalities in Outlook will make you attend your business meetings without any delay. This is done by triggering a notification when it’s time to leave for a meeting. Apart from this you will also get directions for how to get there and any traffic holdups on the way.

The tech giant also introduces Microsoft Whiteboard Preview that makes the use of AI to diagnose freeform drawings and changing them into standard shapes to help the production of flow charts, diagrams and tables. This also helps in better collaboration.

The final addition in the Office 365 suite is Intelligent Search, which autonomously retrieves text from images to make it searchable. For instance- the intelligent search will scan receipts and business cards, which makes it easy for you to search your device for the information provided on the picture instead of the filename.

Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team said in a blog post that the Office365 is designed and built on Microsoft’s powerful platform for AI to make the advancements in machine learning. It also makes the AI accessible to every developer and the entire organization. He also added that “from document transalation to intelligent threat detection, the newly added feature is already enhancing the productivity experience of millions of users that are using Commercial Office 365.

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