Unable to Log in to an office app using Work or school account – Problem Fixed!

Microsoft Office has two different kinds of accounts to log in and accesses various features. Many of the users already have the Office account credentials – an existing email address and password for both kinds of accounts. Via Work and Personal Accounts, you can use and organize data in your way.


However, there are cases where people suffer troubles while signing in to their Office account and this can make them really frustrated. To resolve the problem, this article is passing all the required information to recover your account if lost or login correctly using Work or school account.

If you have installed Office Setup and have access to its online services, but you have forgotten your password or facing problem while logging in, you can fix it in easy and multiple methods.

Please note that the instructions mentioned below are applicable on Azure Active Directory Office 365 and Office 365 Identity Management.

Are your encountering log in problems to access Office 365? If yes, give a quick view to the reason behind the problem. Users generally find that they are unable to log In to Microsoft Office app like SharePoint Online, Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive for Business, or Skype for Business. However, the error is not particularly limited to the utilities mentioned. Considering the example of users who are constantly directed to enter their login details or see sign in failure.

Though the Office 365 error is critical, you can fix it easily by executing a few troubleshooting steps. Refer to the instructions mentioned below and resolve the problem.

How to Fix Office log in error to access Office apps using Work or school account?

Prior to performing the process, verify the accounts associated to using Work or school account is valid or not. If the email address you are using to log in does not exists, use the one you registered while Office activation.

  1. Launch an Office app such as Excel or Word
  2. Click Account which is available on File tab
  3. Take your cursor to Connected Services and under the section, check for the email address listed matches the one you used to sign-in in previous sessions
  4. Log out
  5. Try different account to login

Method 1: Remove the office Profile and login details associated with a deleted logon identity

If this problem happens only for an individual or to some of the accounts, remove the Office profiles of those users from the list of registry. If you are finding it complicated to do such changes, find steps mentioned:

  1. Open an updated version of web browser and visit office.com/setup
  2. Delete the office profile and details linked to the removed logon identity
  3. Attempt to login again

If the office login error persists, or if this process does not apply to you, go off to Method 2.

Method 2: Enable modern authentication (Office 2013 or newer)

If users have Office setup 2013 or newer version and are facing the login error on a constant basis by getting directed to re-enter their account credentials when they attempt to open Office files from either the OneDrive for Business site or the local sync folder, need to enable modern verification.

  1. Permit Modern Authentication for Office 2013 or the version you are using on your Windows devices.
  2. Once you enable the setting of modern authentication, make sure to restart your computer.

Method 3: Do the Password configuration used while logging in to your Office 2013 (versions)

  1. Visit to office.com/setup and see sign in settings
  2. Click on forgot password and proceed
  3. Follow the instruction that are being displayed on the screen
  4. Set security questions and make sure to keep the answer safe

In possible cases, the login error will be fixed, or in case the method does not give you the desired results, please connect to Office Customer support.

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