How to stiffen Parental control over Child account?

Teaching your kids to explore the updated technology is one of Microsoft’s primary objectives. If you are residing in a region where accessing the internet is an issue to maintain the security purposes, then you will be prompted to have a parent control before accessing the Microsoft applications such as Outlook and Skype.

To comply with such important regulations, Microsoft offers some family features, which will restrict you to access the harmful content, note down the screen time, and monitors the activities online. To understand the details about Microsoft Parental Control, you can visit the Microsoft Official website.

What are the methods to verify a Parental Control?

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To maintain the security concerns, Microsoft has taken a step further to verify that an adult is giving permission to access a Microsoft account. There are 2 ways in which you have to provide a consent which depends on the location you are living in and how the child’s account is being created.

  1. You can provide your electronic signature by using the same name registered with your Microsoft account.
  2. You can give a small amount of non-refundable fee from your debit or credit card.

Is it possible to add or remove a family member from your Microsoft account?

Yes. In case you are looking for the solutions to remove or add, your child’s account from your family group then Microsoft do offer you the solution for the same. You can visit the Microsoft official website to get the details for the same. To remove an account with Microsoft, you have to sign in to your Microsoft account> Scroll down and click on the ‘Manage my child’s profile info’ option>search for your child’s account and then select ‘Remove consent for your child’s account.

What is the reason behind getting an error message when you try to provide consent for your child?

  • You need to sign in with another account associated with Microsoft

If you have been associated with Microsoft earlier to manage your child’s account, then you will need to use the same account in order to give a Parental consent to access the account.

  • Your child has already received the Parental Consent

If other parents or guardians of a child receive a request for Parental consent, then someone might have already provided the consent. To manage this, you can see which accounts are associated with your child’s account.


It is essential to monitor and manage your child’s account for the security concerns. For this, Microsoft has released the Parental Control feature to minimize the threats for your child’s cyber security. There are some common queries related to Microsoft Parental control feature. You can consider the passage to solve your queries.